Friday, March 16, 2007

Aunt Heather visits

Last time Aunt Heather visited, I forgot to take any pictures! So when Heather visited on Thursday, I tried to take lots.

Vanessa evaluates the taste of Aunt Heather's watch compared to Uncle Zak's.

Vanessa says, "Uncle Zak's tasted better!"

Heather and Vanessa play outside in the beautiful warm weather.

Vanessa just loves this toy, as you can probably tell from its recurrence on the blog!

Vanessa discovers what it feels like to be a hat.

Vanessa and Heather did some dancing to a Latin beat. Vanessa loves dancing!

Here's a picture of Vanessa doing work on the computer.

She says, "Mom, I'm busy right now. Can I pose for pictures later?"

Vanessa fell asleep in her stroller on a walk when the weather was beautiful last week. (There's snow and sleet on the ground outside tonight -- what a quick change in weather!)

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